What about Svend Viking Karlsen?

He’s also extremely strong.

Norway’s Strongest Man on numerous occasions and World’s Strongest Man in 2001 has amazing explosive power and also, he is very entertaining to watch. A living legend not only for his catchphrase “Viking Power”, Svend Karlsen is the World’s Strongman Hall of Fame inductee as off 2010.


In countless interviews Svend Viking Karlsen has emphasized the power of a right diet. ‘Diet’ not as in ‘losing weight’ but as a proper nutrition.

Train all you want but if you don’t have the right protein, carbohydrate and fat balance, you will not get the results you want. First, make sure you eat all day long. Not too much to make you feel slump but each meal should make you quite full.

Another important tip from Svend that he often reiterates is that you should not overdo it, especially in the beginning.

The main misconception among beginner bodybuilders and powerlifters is wanting to work out every day. It’s not true. Your muscles need as much tension as they need rest. You stretch your muscles while you work out but they grow when you rest.


NM in Bodybuilding and Fitness 2015
Sep 14,2015

Recently Svend Karlsen attended the NM in Bodybuidling and Fitness 2015 competition in Chateau Neuf as one of the presenters.

Show me the Biceps
Jun 14,2014

Recently, Bernadine Racoma from the Day News wrote an article listing the 10 strongest men in the world.


Midnight Sun Invitational 2014

July 18,2014

On a cloudy morning in July of 2014 a historic women’s powerlifting event, Norway’s Midnight Sun Invitational 2014, took place.

Norway’s Strongest Man 2012

Oct 01,2012

In 2012 Svend Viking Karlsen was again asked to be one of the judges at the annual Norway’s Strongest Man competition.